Jun 152022

The 2022 Annual Meeting of Members will be held on

Wednesdav. June 15, 2022. at 7:00pm.

This meeting will be held via zoom .

The purpose of the Meeting will be 1) to elect two (2) directors; and 2) vote on approving the Tax Reduction Resolution.

Election of Directors – The Agenda will include the election by acclamation of Two (2) members to fill the vacancies on the Board of Directors. The two members being elected by acclamation are:

  • Dick Evans (Incumbent)
  • Chris Grillone (Incumbent)

New election laws state that if  only two members are running to fill  two positions  on the Board of  Directors there is no need to send out ballots and they can be elected by acclamation by the members present  at the Annual  Meeting.

TAX REDUCTION RESOLUTION (Voting by owner’s present)

To avoid paying taxes on the Homeowners Association’s excess membership income, the Association must pass a resolution annually in accordance with IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604 as follows:

WHEREAS the Barron Square Homeowners Association is a nonprofit mutual benefit    corporation;and

WHEREAS the corporation seeks to act in accordance with applicable IRS Revenue


RESOLVED, that any surplus funds remaining in the Association’s budget at the

end of the fiscal year shall be applied to the following year’s budget as provided for in IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604.

We look forward to seeing you via Zoom on

Wednesday, June 15, 2022.


The Barron Square Homeowners Association  Board of Directors


Enclosed with this letter are the following documents :

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