Video Doorbell Request


Installation of a video doorbell device is normally an action which would require approval from the HOA via an Architectural Review Request (ARR). In order to simplify the procedure to obtain approval for these devices, the Architectural Review Committee  has established the following guidelines:

  1. The pre-approved devices are the Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell Version 2 or the Ring Doorbell Pro.
  2. The color must be Venetian Bronze
  3. The device may be installed as
    1. a replacement for the original doorbell pushbutton. The Ring unit would be WIRED using the existing doorbell wires. OR
    2. the device may be installed in WIRELESS mode in the center of the door. This would require that the homeowner remove the battery every 6 to 8 months to recharge it.
    3. NOTE: The Ring Doorbell Pro can only be used in the WIRED mode. It cannot be used in the center of the door.

If you wish to install one of the pre-approved units according to these guidelines, a formal ARR is not required. You may fill out the form below and click ‘SUBMIT’ to send it to the manager,Julie Strobel, at CIMS and she will be able to approve the request. Any other device or installation will require standard ARR approval.

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Request for Installation of Video Doorbell
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We request permission to install a video doorbell at the unit address listed above. The installation will be done in accordance with the published guidelines, as follows:

** Requires Architectural Review committee approval
 Posted by on March 1, 2018