Mar 012018

Following the rash of package thefts last holiday season, the use of video doorbells has become very popular. Some of our neighbors have expressed an interest in installing a video doorbell device and a few have already done so. This is an action which would normally require approval from the HOA via an Architectural Review Request. In order to simplify the procedure to obtain approval for this device, the Architectural Review Committee  has established the following guidelines:

  1. The pre-approved devices are the Ring Doorbell, Ring Doorbell Version 2 or the Ring Doorbell Pro. Current MSRP for these units is $179, $199 and $249 respectively.


   Ring Doorbell                      Ring Doorbell 2                     Ring Doorbell Pro

  1. The color must be Venetian Bronze
  2. The device may be installed as
    1. a replacement for the original doorbell pushbutton. The Ring unit would be WIRED using the existing doorbell wires. OR
    2. the device may be installed in WIRELESS mode in the center of the door. This would require that the homeowner remove the battery every 6 to 8 months to recharge it.
    3. NOTE: The Ring Doorbell Pro can only be used in the WIRED mode. It cannot be used in the center of the door.

Helpful background information:

The Ring doorbells listed have the following features:

  1. 1080HD wide angle video camera with night vision. (Original Ring Doorbell is only 720p) The existing doorbell position is 38” from the ground. The view angle of the camera is 160° horizontal and 90°-100° vertical, sufficient to allow coverage of a person standing at the door. There are ‘wedge’ plates available to adjust the tilt angle of the camera.
  2. Adjustable motion detection. The sensitivity can be adjusted via a smartphone app so that it will not alert when someone walks by on the sidewalk outside the building.
  3. Live viewing and two-way voice communication with the person at the door on your smartphone or computer via 2.4MHz WiFi. You must have a WiFi network in your house. (NOTE: The Pro model operates on both 2.4MHz and 5MHz.)
  4. Cloud recording of sessions (MSRP $30/year)
  5. Pushing the button on the WIRED Ring device will sound the existing chime in the house.
  6. If the Ring unit is operated in the WIRELESS mode, it will NOT activate the existing door chime. An auxiliary plug-in WiFi chime is available and can be located anywhere in the house (MSRP $30).
  7. NOTE: If your original door chime is NOT functional, notify CIMS. It is the Association’s responsibility to repair it.

If you wish to install one of the listed units according to these guidelines, a formal ARR is not required. You may notify the manager,Julie Strobel, at CIMS using the Video Doorbell request form on our website and she will be able to approve the request. Any other installation will require standard ARR approval.

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