Mar 012018

By now all residents/owners should have received the letter from the Palo Alto Public Works Department reminding residents that effective January 1, 2018 smoking is prohibited in all multi-unit residences such as Barron Square.

Smoking is prohibited:

  1. inside all multi-unit residences, including balconies, porches, decks and patios,
  2. in common areas such as pathways, courtyards, community rooms, swimming pools, grassy areas, parking lots and garages,
  3. in outdoor areas within 25 feet from a doorway, window, opening or vent of a multi-unit residence.  

The Association will be posting “No Smoking” signs in the common areas and providing each unit with a written notice of the no-smoking restrictions as required by the ordinance. The Board may consider the establishment of designated smoking area(s) as permitted by the ordinance.

All owners who are renting or leasing their units must include a copy of the restrictions in their leases or rental agreements from January 1, 2018 as required by Section 9.14.060 of the Smoking and Tobacco Ordiinance 

A copy of the letter from the City of Palo Alto is here

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