May 152015
Pouring the deck

Pouring the deck

The improvements in our pool are progressing on schedule. Today Gonzalez Masonry poured the concrete for the new pool deck. On Monday May 18th Corby-Gould will begin the fiberglass resurfacing of the pool itself.

The last one to take a dip in the old pool before it was completely drained was a visiting duck.

One last dip

One last dip


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Mar 052015

The Barron Park Association is happy to announce a new type of event for Barron Park residents: the BPA Meet and Learn. The basic idea of BPA Meet and Learns is to harness the expertise of residents and friends of Barron Park for informal seminars in small groups. This could be a dietician giving a lecture about nutrition, a baker teaching a cooking class, or a financial planner providing advice on estate planning. BPA Meet and Learns will initially happen on a roughly monthly schedule and be generally limited to 15-30 people, depending on the event and the venue. They will generally be free, except for the cost of materials, if any. Given limited resources, we are aiming to make this event as low-overhead and easy to manage as possible. We will use the BPA-News email list and Nextdoor for announcements and EventBrite for sign-up.

Catherine HendricksBP resident Catherine Hendricks has agreed to organize the first set of BPA Meet and Learns, ensuring a trial of this new type of event with high-quality speakers. Longer-term, we hope to identify BP residents who would be interested to talk or teach on their favorite topic. Do you have great gardening tips for urban farmers? Travel advice for the adventure seeker? Whatever it is, there likely are some BP residents who would love to meet and learn about it.

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Jun 182014

Many Barron Square owners and residents are aware that a new condominium project is being proposed for the vacant property at 4146 El Camino Real adjacent to the cul-de-sac at the end of Thain Way.  This has significant implications for the residents of Barron Square. The purpose of this article is to present the facts in an impartial manner and stimulate discussion among Barron Square residents.

The Board of Directors wants to thank Ree Dufresne, Ruth Lowy and Laszlo Tokes for their help in monitoring this project and keeping the Board informed on its progress.

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Sep 102013

In the event of a major emergency, such as an earthquake, we are likely to be on our own for a few days. The City of Palo Alto and the Barron Park Association have established an excellent program for citizen participation as Emergency Service Volunteers (ESV). Barron Square participates in this program and our clubhouse is the communications hub for the Barron Park neighborhood.

The program is based on “Block Preparedness Coordinators”, or in our case, “Building Captains”, who volunteer to acquaint themselves with the neighbors in their building, provide them with information and help them prepare themselves and their families for a future emergency. In the event of a disaster, these volunteers are the eyes and ears of the system, checking on their neighbors and reporting problems to the Neighborhood Coordinators.

You can volunteer as much or as little time as you are able. There are quarterly informational meetings and free classes by the City of Palo Alto on emergency preparedness including radio communications, identifying damage and hazards, locating and turning off utilities, etc.

We currently need Building Captains for buildings 2,4,5,10 and 11. The unit sign outside your building has your building number on it and it is a good thing to know if you should ever need to call 9-1-1 and give them directions for an emergency. Additional volunteers for radio communications and backup.

If you want more information, please contact Joel Davidson at (650) 856-7627  (email: or Maurice Green at (650) 493-5914 (email: No obligation required for asking!

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Sep 102013

Recently there have been incidents where unknown persons have inappropriately left discarded items on the sidewalks around Thain Way and on Maybell Avenue. These items were NOT left out for Green Waste pickup on recycle days. This is a reminder that this is our home and all personal items must be disposed of properly.

Dumping items on the street is illegal. If you should see a dumping in progress, please call 9-1-1. If you notice the items at a later time, you should call Zero Waste at the City of Palo Alto (650-496-5910) and they will remove it.

One other reminder, please wait until late Tuesday afternoons to put out your recycling and trash containers and roll them back by Wednesday evening. Help us keep our lovely Barron Square an attractive place to live.

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