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Many Barron Square owners and residents are aware that a new condominium project is being proposed for the vacant property at 4146 El Camino Real adjacent to the cul-de-sac at the end of Thain Way.  This has significant implications for the residents of Barron Square. The purpose of this article is to present the facts in an impartial manner and stimulate discussion among Barron Square residents.

The Board of Directors wants to thank Ree Dufresne, Ruth Lowy and Laszlo Tokes for their help in monitoring this project and keeping the Board informed on its progress.

The Proposed Project

The proposal submitted by the architect, Ken Hayes, is for two 3-story buildings with a total of 21 units (7 1-BR and 14 2-BR). The buildings would have underground parking with ingress/egress from El Camino at the south end of the property next to the Zen Motel. In addition there could be separate pedestrian access from El Camino.

4146 El Camino Real project


In 1979 Janet Thain sold 6.5 acres of her family orchard to Gerald Markoe who built the Barron Square Condominiums. The remaining 0.75 acres, which were on El Camino Real and included the Thain house, were not sold until after her death in 1985. In 1989 the owners of the El Camino property proposed building 8 condominiums, but the project was vigorously opposed by some residents of Barron Square and was abandoned. The Thain house was removed in the 1990’s and the property has been vacant, except for the advertising billboard.

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  3 Responses to “21 Condos Proposed for El Camino Property”

  1. This property is only 3/4 of an acre. For the owners to develop it with their current plan they require approval of a Zoning change, from RM 15 TO RM 30, which I believe would be opposed by the majority of Barron Square residents as well as the surrounding Community.

    As I understand it, the BSHOA has requested the deed for the sale to see if the Codicil that Janet Thain included when she sold the rest of Thain way, was included by the Executor of Janet’s estate when it was sold to the Juan Trust. When that information is obtained I believe that we should “revisit” the use of that parcel in it’s entirety, & continue to follow this very closely.

    The Archetect for this parcel designed the “Grey Box looking Bld:g. with the Solar panels on top”, as well as the Bldg. that Houses Starbucks & Subway. That alone causes concern for us.
    Ree & Gary Dufresne

  2. I just sent this message to Grennady Sheyner:

    ….Just getting to read your review of the May 15, ARB meeting. I’m concerned you didn’t include Laszlo Tokes’ very important comments made at the end of the round. He articulated the narrow substandard street, that is Thain Way, no continuous sidewalks, and other onsite private facilities that could attract ‘trespassing’ [my word]. I hope you will be able to write some addendum.

    In addition, the suggestion by the ARB chair, that ‘it would be nice for children/people to meander around our sidewalks and get to know out community” is LUDICROUS. After the session, I asked him point blank if he ever visited out complex… because there are no sidewalks to meander around. If one leaves the street, they will be on private property and there are no sidewalks going into it [the complex]. Our substandard street requires our own residents to walk and bike down the middle of Thain and share it with our cars. Adding more pedestrians and bikes from a visiting property will add negatively to an already difficult situation.
    thank you
    Ruth Lowy
    Thain Way, Barron Square

  3. Is ARB’s approval of this ‘over the top’ project their way of punishing for defeat of the Maybell project? I hope we can stand together against this over reach of the zoning laws. Count me in.